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Service #1

One-to-One Sessions

Each session typically lasts one hour. Our intention is to provide you with the tools needed to suit your specific health needs in the least amount of sessions. The amount of sessions will depend upon what we are trying to accomplish. You may only need to schedule 3 sessions, but if there are several issues, you may need to schedule 6 or more sessions. The decision is ultimately up to you.

Service #2


As a certified Master Practitioner of EFT & TFT, I can help you with issues such as anxiety and depression, anger, phobias, and pain.

REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy) is a technique used to help individuals reformulate dysfunctional beliefs into more realistic, helpful, and sensible ones.

These techniques are explained further on the Services page.

Local Services

Local residents can schedule an appointment for a Healthy Kitchen Pantry Make-Over, an In-Home Cooking Demonstration, or ask me to join them for a Healthy Grocery Shopping Trip.


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Our Mission...

Healthy With Nutrition will inspire you to become self-empowered and take control of your health. We will help you create a meal plan tailored for your specific needs. You will become enlightened, transformed, and healthier simply by eating the right foods for YOU.



Next Steps...

Email us so we can call you to schedule a FREE session. During that session, ask us anything you need to know to see if we are a "good fit".








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