"I found the articles very informative. I've been implementing some of this information in my current food plan and have been feeling more energetic ,have had less cravings for sugary,salty or high carb foods.
I eat more fruit,vegetables,nuts and higher protein foods.
I still have a long way to go but have lost weight,gone off insulin and feel so much better and less hungry.
I owe some of my success to the suggestions Carol has given me over the years.
I've witnessed her Total Transformation from being very sick and bedridden to beating her situation by totally recreating the way she eats,thinks and feels.
I am so very Proud and Inspired by All She has accomplished and continues to learn and share her wealth of research and knowledge to help herself and others to be the best that they can be.
Thanks and keep up the Great Work You're Doing!!!" 

Kim N.,  Lake Park, FL, USA

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 "The creator has been through many struggles, gained knowledge on her own & overcame her struggles. Also, very knowledgeable about health & nutrition. I always take advice from her when given! Works every time!"

Shawna G., Tennessee, USA

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  "Found many great features on this site.  One I have to mention is the eye improvement.  I performed this for 2 months each evening.  My last Drs Appt I had read the bottom eye chart line. They asked whom gave me such a strong prescription of glasses.  I replied your company had.  Now I just need to go to motor vehicles and obtain a form for my Dr, to submit to change my drivers license.  Thank you Carol for being so fabulously knowledgeable in so many things, You were always an amazing woman and get better as the years go by. 

Denise K., WPB, FL USA

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"Very informative information about wellness. Great page for anyone who seeks advice or is just curious."

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